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From how long you have been sleeping on your pillow? If you don’t remember, it’s has been too long..generally an average person keeps their pillow for more than three years and more than half only replace their bedding frequently. But when you should replace the pillows?  The best approach to it is to apply a folding test: fold the pillows in half and if half stays folded instead of springing back to its original shape, it’s time to replace it with new one. The best is to replace the pillows within span of two years.


What are the risks involved in keeping your pillows for too long?


To avoid the neck concerns, your pillow should fill the gap between the head and shoulders when you lie down on the bed. If you keep the pillows for too long, it will flatten, thus leaving your head and neck without a proper support night after night, and this could result into pain and restless night. The other issue with keeping pillow for too long time is a dust mite problem. Dust mites are microscopic structures that feed on dead skin cells and survive in warm, humid environment like your pillow. Dust mites don’t bite neither they spread disease, but they are common allergen in home. It is estimated that most of the people are allergic to the dust mites. It can also develop the problem of asthma in children.

 What kind of pillow attracts dust mites?


Down pillows and comforters tend to attract dust mites, and it is very difficult to clean it properly and to remove them. However, any kind of pillow can become a dust mite reservoir and in fact after the use 10 to 15 percent of pillows are made from dust mite waste. If you find that allergic symptoms increase during morning, it could be very well due to the dust mites available in your pillow and bedding. Washing your pillow once in a week with hot water will kill your dust mites and so will freezing it overnight, so it is best idea to use preventive strategies to avoid dust mite allergy. You need to wash whole pillow not only pillow case. You can wrap it up with dust proof cover or select a high quality wool pillow that is anti allergic and doesn’t attract dust mites easily.

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 Your pillow might develop fungal pores?

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If you have been using your pillows for quite a long time chances are that it may develop fungal pores, which can cause infection that may spread to lungs and further spread to other parts of the body like brain.  Pillows made from synthetic materials have higher fungal pillows and this is the main reason why pillows made from natural pillow is preferred.