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Are you getting bored with that empty wall space in your home? Then it’s high time to revamp your wall and splash it with some artwork, made by yours truly. You don’t really have to be gifted Picasso kind to create an artwork, so long as you have something in mind to give life to that empty part of the house.

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There are many ways in which you can decorate your wall and make it livelier to the eyes. Here are some that you can start doing today.

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1. A wall of colors.

No, you’re not going to paint the wall with new shades. However, you will be installing a few panes in which you can place color pencils and crayons in transitional order to create a flow of colors. This actually works in many ways as you not only give a pop of color to your wall, you also use it as the one-stop shop to get your art materials. If you have kids at home, then they can use this installation too.

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2. A portrait of pressed flowers.

Meanwhile, if you’re the shabby chic vintage type, then you can decorate the wall with a portrait of pressed flowers. This is an age old tradition, but it still works even today. You can start by pressing some of your favorite blooms, get their petals and attach them on a canvas. Afterwards, have them framed and posted on your wall.

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3. Window pane picture frame

Have you recently replaced your old window pane? If so, then why not reuse the old one and turn into a photo frame? It already has partitions, the glass pane and the rustic, chipped off wooden frame, all it needs is back support. Once you have the back installed, you can then add pictures and hang it on the wall.

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