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A black bed and red curtains are both dominant items in your bedroom, but the wall colour plays an important role. A bedroom that has strong colored furnishing and accents becomes visually softened when the wall is painted in right shade. The best wall colour for your room is something that your décor needs. Take your bedroom in a single style or direction with another one fitting a backdrop.

Paint room in white shade


White walls make a black bedding look more beautiful. They also let red curtains look beautiful. Use pure white shade on the walls if you plan to add an accent colour like green accessories. Green shade complements with red and bright green complements with black, thus making a perfect colour scheme for walls, but yellow and aqua will make impact too. Add white accessories to home by opting for white wall paint with a green, blue or yellow undertone.

Add more red shade in bedroom


In any bedroom, the bed should remain focus of attention, but red curtains can also become a focal point. Help your bed to take back its credit by camouflaging red curtains on the walls. Paint every wall and the ceiling in red shade. The more red colour in the bedroom the more black bed will become focus. Red may be bold colour for someone but for others it is energizing. To fall asleep, think red shade as warm cocoon and shut down all lights with black draperies.

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Paint the ceilings


Painting the walls in black shade is another popular move. Don’t paint the wall behind the bed, but paint the ceiling in black shade to combine with black walls, thus making them look endless. If the window is on wall behind the bed, use red curtains from wall to wall to lend dramatic effect. If its one another wall, hang red fabric behind the bed to ad visual appeal.

Use patterned wall paper


The right patterned wall paper can make or mar the look of the room. Select wall paper with barely neutral pattern that adds enough boldness to the home. Go for something pale grey, beige or earthy wall paper with large interesting geometric design to shut down red and black elements. Neutral shade wallpaper is best, because it doesn’t add too much to the home.