Though the bathroom may be the smallest room of your home, but it is the most important one. Don’t you think the same? You might be spending so much time there but whatever time you spend in bathroom you want to be comfortable and pleasant time. And it requires the bathroom to be well set up including the shower curtains. For it is many a times a me time where you could reflect upon yourself. There is nobody but you and your lingering thoughts. With a pleasant looking bathroom you would definitely have pleasant thoughts? A shower curtains placed in the bathroom occupy much space and might be the prominent thing there. So, if selected well it will have an impact on your mood.

Tips on how to remodel the bathroom

Many people are against decorating a bathroom. For these people, bathroom is the only place to pew and come back or in other words it is one of the essentinal requirements of the home, a functional space and hence decoration is not required and doesn’t make much a difference. But think of it in another terms. Would not decorating a bathroom perk up your mood, enliven the atmosphere. Moreover, an area which is dull and gloomy like bathroom will get brightened up. It does make a difference even when performing important tasks in the bathroom. It is important to know how to select the shower curtains.

Tips on how to select the shower curtain

Study thoroughly about the bathroom- First and foremost tip, know about your bathroom. The word study may sound little bit exaggerated but it is important. when you have to decorate and spend your earnings, select the best shower curtains for your bathroom. You need to consider the color shades for the bathroom, rest of the accessories, basic requirement, direction of water flow, etc.

Measure the curtain space- every bathroom has its own designated area. With a measuring tape measure the area. The measuring must be done in two different directions that includes height and width. Depending upon the measurements you may get ready made curtains or you can customize according to your requirements or you can make DIY one.

Decide upon the budget- the next important consideration that you need to think about is budget. How much you are willing to expend on decorating the bathroom? Out of allocated money how much you can set aside for your shower curtains? It is true that money is not only thing to think upon, but it is the important deciding factor. When money is limited, it narrows down the budget. So, freeze upon the budget.

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Tip no 3- Decide upon print and color- Now, that you know bathroom and its requirements. Its time to decide upon the color and prints. Among different shower curtains there are two ways to finalize the color-first you keep the curtains as the focal point and second one you choose the curtains depending upon the bathroom. Now, the ball falls in your court. Or if you are bit adventurous type, you can go for complete mix and match or have splash of shades everywhere across the home. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Tip no 4- Decide upon the material-once you have decided upon the color, pattern, measuring, budgeting, finalized everything, now you need to move on to the next step that is material. A variety of shower curtains are available in the market, you can decide depending upon your requirements. Like, the materials like nylon, polyester and vinyl ones are on the lower side of the budget while cotton and silk comes in high range. Needless to say, there are water repellant ones and one that have a special coating to prevent damage through mold and mildew. You may even go for combination of  materials and have lining along the curtain. The basic job of the lining is to trap the water and don’t let it soaked in the curtain. But again curtain with liner is on higher side. So, decide depending upon your needs.

Tip no 5- check the maintenance work before installing curtain- shower curtains are easy to buy, but installation takes time. So, after doing all the ground work like searching about the material, taking the measurements, now comes maintenance work. Well, maintenance work is not completed after taking measurements. A lot of things you need to check about. Like when installing a new material we all have lot of enthusiasm and energy. In that moment, every impossible thing seems possible and we are ready to take any kind of job. However, priorities change after sometime and then excitement seems to take a dip. And what seems exciting becomes boring and burdensome. So, while selecting best shower curtains, ensure that you consider maintenance regime too. Living in a beautiful well decorated home is all we desire for and that includes bathroom. After all a place is associated with personal hygiene and does require proper set up and that makes choosing the best shower curtains important.

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Check for maintenance work: When installing new material we all have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. In that moment of time everything seems possible and we are ready to take up any kind of job. However, with time the enthusiasm takes a dip and priorities in life change. And then what seemed exciting becomes boring and burdensome. The same can be said about the curtains. So when choosing the best shower curtains make sure you consider its maintenance regime also. Living in a beautiful and well decorated house is what we all desire for. And that includes the bathroom as well. After all a place which is associated with personal hygiene does require a good get up and that makes choosing the best shower curtains essential.

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