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Everyone wants to have a beautiful and intricately decorated home. The home reflects about the personality of a person. One of the most important parts of an appealing home is its window. The window is generally the focal point of a room. Windows can be made to complement with the house theme and hanging a curtain is certainly the best way to decorate a room. There are several kinds of curtains as told in above post. They come in various shades, colors, styles and materials to select from. For instance a kitchen curtain has unique style, as is little shorter as compared to curtains people put in the dining room or living room or bedroom. Curtains are also available in various materials like linen, silk, cotton, synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. Polyester is the finest material and is often used to make curtains. It is sometimes blended with other materials like cotton and silk to improve its aesthetic appearance, and its texture. This material is easy to maintain and is more stable than other fabrics. Not to mention that, this fabric is cheaper.


What exactly is polyester material?

It is a synthetic material commonly used to make apparels, curtains and clothes. This is a exceptionally durable material.  Here are some of its attributes:


Durable– It is strong material, resistant to stretching and shrinking and most of the times resistant to chemicals. It is a crisp material and resilient wet or dry also it is abrasion resistant.

Environment Impact-it is non-biodegradable material, but can be easily recycled, it is possible to buy 100% recyclable polyester

Maintenance-it is easy to wash, mildew resistant. It can be dried on low heat cycle, but can be removed as soon as finished. It can be easily ironed and dry- cleaned.


How to select a polyester curtain?

There is no perfect way to select the right curtain for your home, but there are certain consideration that you need to think upon before buying a polyester curtain. Though polyester is not a delicate material, the quality of the curtains made and sold by interior décor shops cannot be taken for granted.

What to consider?

While shopping for the curtains, it is exactly very important to measure the dimensions of the window. These measurements will help to figure out the right curtain size for you. It is also important to consider in what part of the home these curtains will be hung. Polyester is the best material for most of curtains, but with a con that the air doesn’t circulate through this kind of fabric, polyester have tendency to retain odor and is heat resistant.


How to select the design of a curtain?

A curtain with a beautiful pattern looks appealing to the eye. Select an embroidered curtain. However, for embroidered curtain, ensure that it also made from polyester thread. The reason behind this is the some threads made from cotton shrink after some time. The
best material for embroidery of polyester curtain is another polyester thread or one should consider silk thread. These materials remain the same.

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How to select a color?

One of the most important of selecting the perfect polyester curtain is selecting the right color. Try to avoid light shades. Once a polyester material is stained, it is difficult to remove stain. Search for a curtain with darker shades like black and brown that go along with rest of the thing. In that way, even if the curtain is stained, the stain will not look obvious.

Search about the production method

It is better to search about how the curtains were produced. Whether it was handmade or machine stitched? Some people think that buying handmade curtains are better than those with machines because they are more durable and are more detail oriented. Lastly, before buying set of polyester curtains, make sure that you buy from a credible manufacturer of curtains. It is true that polyester is a durable material, but if the curtain is poorly manufactured regardless of the kind of material used, the curtains won’t stay there for long.

How to maintain polyester curtains?

When buying for new for new polyester curtains, the buyer should consider about various things like:

How to wash the curtain?

How to iron them before hanging?

Polyester curtains are generally easy to care because they are machine washable, though it is better to read the instructions about the same.

How to clean the curtains?

Wash the curtain in a washing machine with a mild detergent powder and cold water. Wash with care. Machine washing is the best way to clean the curtains, whether it is warm or cold water. Don’t bleach it unless it is instructed as it makes the color fade. Select the medium speed. After washing the curtains, drain the water. Fortunately, polyester doesn’t absorb much water quickly and it will dry quickly.

Once the curtain is dry, iron it quickly. Remember, polyester is a flammable material and can burn easily, so be mindful of the temperature of the iron. Never iron polyester curtain on very high temperature. Your iron must have separate setting for such fabrics. Avoid placing the curtains near the heat source and leave them unattended. These curtains are generally dry cleaned.

From where to buy polyester curtains?

Majority of the home décor stores offer a large variety of curtains. Most of them offer the curtains that are made from polyester fabrics at cheaper rates as compared to that of silk or cotton. Curtain store are available inside shopping complexes and there are curtains available even on the high street. One can even buy from vintage shops.

Another option is to buy from curtain makers that offer personalized polyester curtains. If you are searching for a particular look for windows in a room or for a living room,  you can consider custom made curtains. But readymade curtains are generally affordable option to consider. The widest selection of polyester curtains is available on online basis too.

How to find polyester curtains on online basis?

Last but not the least; readymade curtains are available on the internet. There are various online store that offer several design and styles of polyester curtains. Online stores like and eBay offer a wide selection of beautiful polyester curtains to suit all tastes and preferences. The most convenient way to search the site is to start with a keyword search, starting from the home page. Start by entering a generic name into the search bar. Like, for example type polyester curtain. After clicking the search button, the search results will appear. This will include various styles and colors.  Ensure that you read the description carefully. It is important to compare the prices. Some seller includes postage in the price while others add it at the end. If curtains are used, you should thoroughly examine the photos provided by the seller carefully. If the photos are not clear or you would like to see close up images of the curtains, simply ask the seller for them. You can even contact the seller by going into their profile and clicking on the contact link.

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In a nutshell, polyester curtains are very common in the homes across the country and around the world. These curtains are available in various colors, designs and patterns. While polyester curtains can be counted as affordable option and is cheerful sort of fabric, and it is often blended with natural fibers like silk and cotton to improve overall appearance and texture of the curtains, while keeping them affordable.  However, polyester is a synthetic fabric, so it is prone to odor. Polyester curtains should not be hung in the kitchen for this reason. The other reason is that polyester is a flammable material and so it catches fire easily when exposed to heat source. One should even consider the production method before selecting curtains. Some argue that handmade curtains are the best; if the curtains are embroidered, ensure that the thread is made of polyester or silk, as cotton tend to shrink. You will see that polyester curtains are sold on curtain shops on the high street shops in the home section of shopping complexes. You can even opt for bespoke curtains, but readymade curtains tend to be cheaper and best deals are available on the online stores.


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