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There are different shades of green that make your home look good. Here are some reasons why you should add this color in your home

This is not earthy shade but it also has positive psychological effect on mind

Green represents peace and harmony

It perks up the mood and make you feel relaxed, both are physically uplifting and mentally

Now, that green is associated with excitement, have a look at the shade guide that works best for you

Moody green


Moody green draws inspiration from shades seen in nature. It’s a great choice to add in any living room, especially if you have windows that opens outdoors. Mix green with beige and brown to complement the shade of moody green.

Pristine green


You can use this shade in the kitchen. Starting from potted plants to herbs to vegetable, green is engulfing us. It is best to use in the kitchen as it blends with other green shade brilliantly.