kitchen curtains

Selecting a kitchen curtain is not a tedious task, as one may think. It is just like draping curtains just like in any other part of the house. Here are some tips that will help on how to cover the heart and soul of the home.





Curtains are available ion different kinds of fabric. One need to determine which fabric is the best for your kitchen. Here are some tips to get you rolling:




Privacy- Do you need a curtain that will make the kitchen more private place than you can think of? Well, if answer to this question is yes, then orient yourself towards heavy fabrics for complete black out of things.

Do you require decorative or designer curtains? If you require decorative or designer curtains, then orient yourself towards light fabrics. It will work in your favor.

Curtains near the sink: In case you need curtains near the sink, then use the materials that are easily washable or can be easily cleaned like cotton curtain or linen curtain, as cooking smell will cling to it.

In Case you are cooking near the stove, than you need a curtain that can act as a shield against fire. Yes! Well, you need a curtain that is not inflammable i.e the flame should be able to extinguish itself. In case of such requirement, you need awning.

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If your kitchen has a particular theme or color, you should try to blend it with overall theme of the curtains. Match it according to the color of tiles, which may even include wall tiles, countertops, furniture etc.

If you have tiles that are of neutral colors, then you should try to keep neutrality with the kind of curtains that you have. Focus on overall choice. It is best to gear towards beige, pastel, or white curtains.

You can even select the range of color sample according to the rest of the kitchen.