Ceramic Tiles kitchen floor

Do you want to change the look of your kitchen? Well, if your answer is affirmative yes, then try to adorn your kitchen with following tough and durable tiles.

Ceramic Tiles -The ceramic tile is the best option for the kitchen because of the following reasons.

• These tiles are rugged and can be cleaned with a minimal effort.
• Vast varieties of textures, color, size, shape, etc is available in the market
• It is a heavenly match for every decorating style
• The greatest perk is that with the minimal instructions and frugal amount of patience, home owner can lay the tiles himself.
• It is a cost effective option and suit your budget.
Ceramic Tiles kitchen idea

Ceramic Tiles kitchen floor

The major downfall of ceramic tile is it is difficult to maintain in comparison to vinyl, paint, wallpaper and fiberglass.

Quarry Tile – quarry tiles are thick dense tiles made up of natural clays and shales. It is the best option for your kitchen because

• It has a natural matte finish that provides resistance to slip
• It is the perfect blend of beauty and durability
• It is available in varied tones from brick red to the shades of tan
Quarry Tile

Quarry Tile kitchen floor

Linoleum Tile Flooring – The linoleum tile flooring is a good choice for a kitchen flooring because

• These tiles are made up of natural raw materials
• It is a highly durable tile and its life is upto 40 years depending upon the quality of installation.

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Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum Tile Flooring

Cork Kitchen Tile – Cork Tile is the stylish and popular option for your kitchen. The reasons that make it an ideal option are enlisted below

• They are eco friendly tiles
• When properly treated these tiles are resistant to stains and spills
• Lastly, they are very comfortable to stand, while preparing grand meals for your family and friends

Cork Tile

Cork Kitchen Tile floor

Bamboo Tiles – Bamboo Tiles are the best option for all those people who are environment conscious. Also, these tiles have an ability to withstand spills and stains.

Bamboo Tiles

wood Tiles- floor