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Spring has started officially and so we thought it would be nice to share with you some spring home décor ideas to spruce up your home. Adding green to any home interior is just the perfect way to start this season since green is the most refreshing one, and it helps to revitalize the body. It takes us back to our roots, so if you wish your home to look refreshing and vibrant, this is the right option for you. It looks great when this shade is combined with gray, so scroll down and see the impact these color combination create. You will be taken aback by the designs, so don’t miss them. Have a look and make your pick!

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The beauty of gray color is it is just similar to black and white, it means that it never goes out of style. This color remains popular as the time passes, so you are surely going to have timeless home interior. The dash of green will make the space more calming and relaxing, so when you are in the room, you’ll certainly feel tranquil. When you implement  both the shades in  right proportion, you are bound to leave everyone speechless. Plus, it makes the space look different.