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Adding metallic touch to the home is no brainer deal. You have to do lot of legwork to brighten up the space and add a dash of festive flair. While metallic home décor accents offers a generous dose of royalty, its easy to go overboard with it without realizing the same. Add metallic touch in sensible doses and let the accent reflect the home. For instance, a  metallic wall lends character to the home. The market is filled with such options. You can even opt for gold leafing, but the trick is always to add neutral elements in the home to maintain a strong sense of balance. Unless you are creating fairy tale home!




White, gold and silver metallic touches always complement well, color is out of question. But don’t go overwhelming with it. Approach metallic décor wisely. For instance, you can add some metallic throw pillows in your living room but don’t forget to mix it up with neutral shades and simple prints too to avoid overwhelming look.