Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast Naturally kill cockroaches 5

Are you frustrated of unwanted pests that keep coming to your home every now and then or you want to take serious step to get rid of them or you wish to find a solution to terminate them. Well, in this post we will provide you tip on how to save your family from serious health problem that these insects can cause.  Like cockroaches, flies too are also harmful creatures who often have a bucket full of dirt on their back which they sprinkle over food that we consume, thereby causing you health problems. To get rid of these pests, we have listed series of home made remedies. So, what you are thinking after, these remedies are inexpensive and non-toxic remedies.

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Quick Remedies to Kill pests

Rats– rats cannot withstand peppermint. If you wish to get rid of them, you need to dip cotton balls in peppermint oil and place it near the hole. The smell of the mint will shrink their lungs and will kill them.


Cockroaches– this is one of the most effective and easy remedy to get rid of cockroaches. Prepare a solution of pepper powder, onion paste and garlic. Mix the paste in a litre of water. Sprinkle the water around infested places. The smell of mixture can turn them back to their home.

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Flies– it is one of the easiest trick to keep flies away and expert suggest to plant basil and keep it near openings like doors, windows, through which flies may enter. Other school of thought suggest that essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus are effective to drive away flies.

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Bed Bugs– this is one of the effective yet natural remedy to kill bed bugs. The pungent smell of Onion juice can kill bed bugs instantly as it cuts out their breathing zone.


Lizards– hang empty shells all around the corners of the home. It is one of the effective remedy to get rid of these creatures from the home. The pungent smell of eggs keeps away these creepy creatures.


Mosquitoes– it is one of the effective mosquitoes repellent-yes it is none other than neem oil, try it and see the result yourself! According to expert studies neem oil is an effective remedy otherwise than chemically induced repellents and this means that your health is not in danger. Moreover, neem grows in abundance in India and has healing properties.