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To give the bedroom Japanese look, harmony and simplicity are two most important ingredients. From walls to furniture to accessories, here are some tips on how to design Japanese styled bedroom.

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For a Japanese room, the walls should be painted in light color may be white or purple for a contemporary look. Additionally, chocolate or anthracite is also acceptable options.
Principle 1- Simplicity is the key

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When it comes to designing Japanese styled bedroom, avoid wall papers loaded with wall papers and images. A simple sticker or a floral motif can do wonders like bonsai, cherry blossom to decorate a blank wall.
Another possibility is to place some rice paper on the key spots or on a single wall. You can use the medium calligraphy for a perfect décor.

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For your bedroom to look perfect Asian, shades should be of black or dark grey, but you can play around, in contrast with the furniture. For instance, if you pre-dominantly have a darker dress, you should go for light flooring.
For sober and refined flooring the options are endless. You can easily get light-colored wood flooring that can be easily installed promptly and inexpensively. Natural wood is a great option. If you want to add little more warmth in the bedroom, a rug or a carpet is suitable. Select the darker tones like black or chocolate, depending upon the walls of the bedroom.
Thus, in order to create Japanese bedroom, one should go simple and less overboard on style.