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Step 4- Get the right accessories

If you want to add right accessories and equipments, think functional and practical. To save space and get comfortable space, you need to develop storage units, which are not visible to naked eye. Today, it is very common to find these boxes in stores. They are highly functional and suitable for small spaces. Think about vertical storage like bathrobe or towel holder, etc. Remember to assess the role that each bathroom user will require daily. For a small bathroom space, go for a large mirror, which will make the bathroom look bigger than expected.
Think about the safety standards

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In the bathrooms, electrical installations need to comply with the security standards. Every country is different, so you need to check the guidelines. They determine where to place equipments in the bathroom. It is typically based on the humidity level.
Select the right lights

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The choice of lights is important because the bathroom is a place where you will land frequently. May be twice a day, for that matter. The presence of a mirror requires good lightning arrangements, especially for make-up, waxing, etc.
The lightning arrangements should be powerful and natural as possible. You can even incorporate main light over the mirror and add second one, somewhere like, may be a lampshade. Follow your inner desires to get good basic lightning.
Last but not the least; pick materials, color, style, according to your own choice and preferences. Have fun with shapes, textiles and colors.

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