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Navratri is the most important festival which is being celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Navratri means nine nights of festival to be celebrated. Navratri festival is auspiciously celebrated for different form of Goddesses to worship the feminine form of Shakti that is Power.

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In eastern and north eastern states of India “Durga Puja” is   synonymous with Navratri wherein the goddess Durga battles and emerges the victory over Mahishasura to help and restore Dharma.

Durga Puja is mainly celebrated in west Bengal particularly in Calcutta. Huge idols are coloured brightly decorated with flowers.

Decoration of Navratri should be very traditional. This festival is celebrated differently by different religions in India, but the essence is the same. Let us provide some ideas to decorate your home on this auspicious occasion.

The festive cleaning is the first thing one should take care of. The space should be clutter free, especially the puja room which should be simple and natural. Can be decorated with earthen pots with mirrors and shining lace flowers with Diya burning inside.

Most of us love colors, make sure that our interiors are displayed with bright colors. Welcome the festival with wreaths made of Marigold flowers and other autumn flowers around entrance doors  and windows. This signifies the beginning of Sharad Navratris.  Fragrance of these flowers would fascinate your entire home.

Make sure your interiors are ready for Navratris. Indians love colours so try to display your love to home interiors. You can paint your home with ethnic and true colours like earthy green, reds. Yellow and orange. You can replace the furnishings decorative items.

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Making rangolis is a tradition. These are being vital for every Hindu festival. Intricate and elaborate rangolis are designed inside the house as well. It is a mixture of dried petals and species placed in a bowl to scent the room. You can place decorative Diyas  in the living room.

Burlap lanterns, mason jars, decorative lamps and series of lights can add touch of a festival. The space around deity can be lit up with strings of LED   and fairy lights. This looks beautiful and make the place bright. You can put ethnic brass tall lamps and tea lights in your puja room.

You can put floating candles in a traditional vessel spread with flower petals to add character to your home.  If you are really decorative enthusiast you can get number of antiques figurines of various gods or goddess can decorate puja place in different way.

You can also buy some room traditional room dividers and bells to decorate your home. Hanging Toran  at entrance of puja room is also auspicious for celebrating Navratri festival. Different kinds of Toran with beaded glass embroidery are available in the market.

Summing up these Navratri decorations at your home ideas can convert your home to festive. Navratri decoration can not only gives your home a stunning look but also allows positive energy into your home. The most important thing is to keep clean simple and natural to your home. If you have not started till now get it started.