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Don’t limit the style even if you are living in a rental property. Here are few ways to décor the space without any inhibitions.

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Paint- In most of the cases, landlord won’t take any objection; if you paint the home with a neutral color. Additionally, it is inexpensive way to show your style and sophistication.

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Color Psychology

Pale Blue, Lavender, and Green-These colors relieve you from the stress.

Yellow, Orange- These colors are inviting and friendly.

Grey/Beige- These are your perfect partners because they are calm and provide soothing effect.

Art Work– Investing in artwork is a long term investment and due to its mobile nature one can take it wherever he/she goes.

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Universal Furniture– It is a wise decision to opt for universal furniture. Instead, of buying overspace furniture, try to invest in modular couch or chair that can be fitted everywhere.

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Accessories– Use funky accessories to adorn the room. It may include artificial flowers, scented candles, wall clock, frame, rustwood candle stand, white ceramic showpiece, beige table lamp, etc.

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Make the most of the property– It is evident that you can’t change the tiles, fixtures or cabinets. But you can make small changes in the house like adding different kind of rugs. By incorporating above mentioned changes, you’ll get a personalized look.

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