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Nagasena- He was a Sarvastivadan Buddhist born in Kashmir and lived around 150 BCE. This monk was a promoter of peace and his teachings are of high importance in India. Most of his statues are bald with monk cleaning his ear with a stick that symbolizes purity of hearing. A staunch advocate of Buddhism he disdained listening to gossip and always ready to face the truth.

lohan12 Interior Design Blogs

John Main– John Douglas Main was a Roman Catholic priest, Benedictine monk and founder of Christian Meditation groups. His monastery is located in West London, England and later he opened another monastery in Montreal, Canada. His talks, teachings are still used to silent the inner mind and they are designed to make your mind peaceful. A strong advocate of meditation, John was a monk with a difference.

Matthieu Richard– He was a famous French Budhist monk who resided in a monastery in Nepal. His father was a philosopher and his mother was a painter. He holds a Ph.D in molecular genetics, but later he decided to forsake his scientific career in order to practice Buddhism. He has co-authored several books and has been labeled as one of the most happiest person in the world by various media platforms

Thích Quảng Độ- Thich is a famous Vietnamese Buddhist monk and holds direct interest in the United Buddhist Church of Vietnam. The church is currently banned by the Vietnam government.The monk was also awarded for his efforts towards the promotion of human rights. He was also awarded with Democracy Courage Tribute award and Nobel peace prize award.

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 Lou Tseng-Tsiang– A diplomat by profession, this Roman Catholic monk gave lectures and propagated peace. He even published several books including an autobiography in French that talks about his diplomatic and political career and his subsequent inclination towards religion. His work was later translated into English and garnered a lot of appreciation among the folks.

Nanavira Thera- he was a Buddhist monk and an author of several books. His writings open the essence of Buddhist teachings through trial and error approach. The monk is said to hace attained sotapatti on 27 June 1959. He clearly understood the meaning of the Buddhist teachings on Four Noble Truth and his writings explain the same.

Adrian Urmanov– he was an eminent figure of 2000 era and was founder of the most revolutionary movement Utiltarism. Till date, he has published 4 volumes of poetry and has also appeared in anthology and has written various creative lessons.  In 2004 he became Christian orthodox monk.