Transform Garage Interior Design Blogs

You hit the button on your garage door opener and cringe as it slowly raises. The floor is cracked and filthy and just won’t seem to come clean no matter how hard you sweep and scrub. Yard tools, toys, and more cover every square inch. It’s a struggle to fit the car in and get the people out. Don’t worry! You can fix it, and you will be amazed at the change when you are done.


Installing pegboard is as easy as putting in a screw or two. When you read about installation, you’ll see it’s mostly measuring your wall and purchasing materials; there’s just not much to it. Get your hangers and begin placing your equipment. There are containers for things such as nails, loops for screwdrivers, hooks for brooms and more. You’ll be thrilled by what you can hang out of the way.

Epoxy Flooring
Transform Garage Interior Design Blogs
Garage floors can be a nightmare. When they get old, they are often cracked, and seem to retain the mud and dirt that get tracked in. Having Elmhurst epoxy flooring installed can create an amazing change. You can squeegee out water or mud quickly and easily. This type of floor is stain repellent and chemical resistant. You can use it to level your garage floor and repair the cracks. For a few thousand dollars, you’ll have a brand-new floor. You can get it in a variety of colors and really brighten up your garage.

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A Few More Streamlining Ideas

here are hundreds of ideas to help you simplify your garage. One of the best is a retractable electrical cord that plugs into your ceiling. You can install it close to your overhead garage door so that it is nearly invisible. Once it’s there, you can use it for many tasks; you’ll never have to search for an extension cord again.

If you have plenty of unused overhead space, look into retractable or hangable storage options. There are pulley systems for both bicycles and platform storage. There are also overhead hooks for bicycles or kayaks that release from a pressure button when you lift the item up. Some overhead storage platforms can be hung from the joists in your garage and adjusted to the height you need.

If you gather your supplies ahead of time, you can easily transform your garage in a weekend. From flooring to storage, the customization options are virtually limitless.