Having themed Christmas trees is in rage in present times. This tropical beach themed Christmas trees can be both fun and exciting.

To create these simple mettalic sea shell ornaments you’ll need

  • Glaze Medium
  • Mettalic Acrylic Paint
  • Disposable Cup
  • Paintbrush
  • Clean Dry Rag
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Valet Christmas Ribbon
  • Wood Gel Stain
  • Mettalic pain pens

The first step is to mix glaze with mettalic paint. Mix them both in half and half proportion. Now, add tablespoon of water, but that is again optional.

Now another tip is if the sea shells are of grey color then prime it first. You can spray on a coat of Klitz to sea shell and cover the darkness up.

Now, once the shell becomes dry, you can paint the coat and mettalic paint mixture with the paintbrush. Coat the seashell ornament liberally.

Take the clean rag and wipe out the mettalic paint and glaze. The shiny paint will be there on the crevices and it will reveal some of the natural sheen.

For more details on mettalic sea shell ornaments, use some paint pens. You can make polka dots on the ornaments or highlight the features.

To complete the look you need to add a ribbon for it to hang from. If there is already a small hole then you could clip twine or thin ribbon through the hole. Tie it and make it appear like a bow.

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If you don’t have hole in the sea shell, don’t fret. Take a six inch piece of ribbon and glue both ends to the top of the shell. Tie a small bow in the same ribbon. Cut the ends of the ribbon to the size and now place a small glob of hot glue on the bottom of the knot. Press it onto the seashell where two ends of ribbon were glued down. Ensure and cover the rough ends for a finished look.

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