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 When bathroom tiles starts to look dirty, then it is the right to revamp its look. While replacement seems to be simple option, but it is an expensive and tedious process! So, a quick and cheaper way to give your old bathroom tile a new look is to repair it.

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Sans Curtains- Yes, in order to refinish the bathroom, the first and foremost step is to take down all curtains. Whether it is shower curtains or window curtains, it is essential to remove it, especially if the bathroom surfaces are tiled.

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Scrub it- The next step to do is to scrub the tile well. Buy a scrubby sponge and a tile cleaner to remove dust and dirt. By using a cleaner that is specifically made for tiles, you can give your bathroom a whole new look. Many people think it is alone way to clean the tiles, but a lot of people don’t realize that regularly cleaning is the key to success. Tile cleaner can only make tile look brand new.

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Repair- The third step is to repair the cracked or broken tiles. Take a pry bar or a tool and hammer along with the grout line to remove dirt. Once the old dirt is removed gently use similar tiles to pop the old tile out. Use adhesive to replace the damaged tile.

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Use a bucket- Now, repeating the old wives tale! Clean the tile, using pail or five gallon bucket. Pour in grout mixture, add water and stir to an extent till no lumps are found. Use a towel to apply the new grout over top of the old grout. Wipe excess grout before it dries and use a damp cloth to clean it.

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Let the grout dry for a while- Allow the dirt to dry for couple of hours before doing anything. Once it gets dried, take a look at your bathroom. You’ll see how much brighter and cleaner the trout lines look. It is really an amazing transition. The old dingy looking tile becomes new, clean and bright.

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Last but not the least; use a grout sealer. Brush the sealer using a small foam paint brush. Don’t forget the grout lines. Grout sealer prevents any kind of moisture or dirt to scum. It will keep the grout neat and clean. You can apply 2 grouts of sealer to make it look clean and bright. Wait for around 20 minutes to do second coat once the first coat is applied. Start with the similar spot and work your way towards the room. Start with the same spot and work your way out. This process also gives drying time between applications and ensures that you don’t miss even a single spot.

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After applying final coat of sealer use a damp cloth to remove sealer. Let it dry for 12 hours or overnight and then put back curtains to its place. You’ll be astonished to see how your bathroom looks!