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Globalization in the 21st century has made it possible to become open to fresh and unique concepts in decorating and designing your home. One of the design themes that is worth adding to home is Chinese interior design.

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When we look at Oriental home, we always admire it for their opulent and exotic beauty. In first instant, the setup seem easy to reconstruct, but in reality very few people have a deep understanding about Chinese interior designing. Dating back thousand of years, Chinese interior design is founded on the principles of simplicity. They strive to achieve the same that is characterized by tranquility and peace and since the Chinese culture is steeped in tradition, the elements in Chinese interior design should reflect the values of people living in the home.

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Chinese Interior Design Fundamentals


One of the most basic principles to be observed in Chinese interior design is simplicity. For them, a room should not be filled with common décor. What is important is placement of a few valuable and beautiful objects in a room to achieve optimal effects. By using certain focal points, the room remains light, roomy and spacious, yet it reflects owner’s taste and personality.

Another common element used in Chinese interior decoration is the use of screens. These items are both decorative and functional. It not only enliven a room, but also serve to keep one’s privacy. Many years ago, these frames were constructed with light materials, making use of latticework serving a grid for the sheer fabric or paper. Today, the screens can be made of several materials such as bamboo or expensive wood decorated with delicate ivory inlay.

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A dressing screen may also have foldable panels to make it fit in several areas of the home. Its an inexpensive way to add a touch to your room. The great thing about screen is that depending upon designs, they can also be used for other interior design themes.

Feng Shui


Most of the Chinese interior design principles are based on Feng Shui or the ancient tradition of arrangement of space to create peaceful environment. It is a spiritual discipline based on guidelines that upon examination with traditional architectural techniques used today.


When Feng Shui is implemented in Chinese interior design, it is believed that residents will benefit from meticulously arranged furniture and living spaces in terms of love, wealth and happiness. Due to its increasing popularity, homeowners find easy to locate Feng Shui expert with whom they consult prior to tacking Chinese interior design.

How to make use of Chinese Interior Design

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You may select for total Chinese interior design or look for differently themed design by sprinkling Chinese influences. One way to achieve this is by using a handful of valuable ornate pieces to serve as accents in a sparsely furnished room. You can make use of screens that can be easily moved depending upon intended function in a particular area. It is wonderful idea to make a few pieces of Chinese decor that could serve as conversation place.

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