Front Porch done

Does your porch requires a revamp? Well, if answer to this question is yes, then there are sun rooms that can help you to bring a drastic change in the atmosphere. It can be plain or elegant, as you require, but what is a sun room without a sun? These spaces should be cheerful and pleasant- not weather wise, but at least in design. Here we have provided a deep insight on how to uplift your porch.

Add wicker furniture– White and wicker furniture are sought after in the sun rooms and enclosed porches. These are vibrant and colorful and it will lend an elegant feel. Select white or a natural wicker furniture that is colored brightly along with patterned cushions. The wicker or a light colored piece of furniture will keep atmosphere airy in the porch.


Incorporate Plants and greenery– Plants offers fresh and clean air inside the enclosed space. If you are unable to keep the plants in a sun room, go for artificial ones instead. Even if they don’t offer fresh air, they will give room a fresh look.


Use light and reflective colors- Opt for white, beige and cream colors. They are the best choices for a sun room. Are you a person who likes lots of color? Light color reflects the natural light and gives the sun room an airy and cheerful look. Select lighter color as your base and you can work your way from there.

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Add cheerful accessories to the room– In order to add jest to your room, add lot of cheerful accessories. For instance, yellow, blue and green look best in a sun room. These accessories comprises of wall hangings, throw pillows, and even vases for pretty flowers. Also, by using these accessories one can define a color scheme. It is a great thing and its the right time for a change.

Lloyd Flanders Front_Porch-With_Backpads

Incorporate natural lighting in a room– A sun room should have plenty of natural lightning and it is an acknowledged fact. There are windows on multiple sides of the room that lets natural light to come in. Forget about the window treatments in this room. If your windows don’t let in natural light as much as you like, opt for other tricks that helps to maximize the sunlight, like one can use mirrors. These mirrors will reflect the light and give a false illusion of additional space.


By following above-mentioned tips one can bring a drastic change in the porch.