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Do you want to revamp the look of your kitchen? Well, now it is within your pocket. You don’t need to buy expensive granite, marble or other natural stone countertop. One can easily update the countertop loo by little elbow grease. Now, you can give a new look to your kitchen countertops with these ideas.


Wax On

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Adding a coat of paste wax will add shine to old laminates and it will hide all the small scratches. Remove everything from the countertops and clean it properly with soap water with a mild abrasive like baking soda if required, rinse it and allow it to dry. Add a thin coat of food safe wax that is available in woodworking supply stores. Apply the same with a clean and soft cloth. Let the wax to dry for stipulated period and then wipe off residue with a clean cloth. This facelift will perk up old, faded laminate countertops. Moreover, it looks as good as new one.

Scratch Filler


When a laminate countertop has scratches too deep to be filled in with a food safe wax, use laminate filler before applying wax. Laminate filler can be purchased in different colors, so you should match the old laminate without any problem. Follow the directions prescribed by manufacturer for using the filler to fill in and smoothen out the deep countertop scratches.

Countertop Paint


You can give facelift to the countertops by adding a faux finish that resembles natural stone with a paint filled brush strokes. Countertops painting kits are designed for laminates that can be purchased at local home supply center. The countertop painting process involves certain steps, but the result is it will resemble natural stone.

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If you want a new color and not a faux finish, try to use a melamine paint to change the color of the countertops. Seal the same with 2-3 coats of polyurethane. After cleaning the laminate surface let it dry, using a sandpaper to rough up the surface, so primer and paint can easily dry. Vacuum up the dust left behind sanding, and then apply a coat of primer that is designed for shiny surfaces. Apply paint color or a finish according to the direction laid down by the manufacturer. It is the best way to add a new life to the kitchen countertops.

Try above-mentioned steps and add a new look to the kitchen countertops.