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Whether you have just entered in your new apartment or you are trying to give a facelift to your old home, go for some wall decals. Instead of buying the ones that are easily available in the market; you can easily create your own wall decals that reflect your style and personality.


DIY: How to create own wall decal?




You don’t need to be professional at designing or decorating the wall decal rather you just need to think creatively and let your ingenuity flow. Here we are offering you few tips on how to create own wall decal. One of the most attractive wall decals is the tree wall decal that adds a bright and fresh feel to the room.

To start with, draw a tree trunk on the backside of a brown colored wall paper. You can draw any size that you need depending upon size of the room. Once the drawing is made, cut it out.
Next sketch some branches on the similar brown wall paper, cut them and keep that wall paper aside. Then buy a green wall paper and cut out leaves from that.
Before pasting tree trunk, place it against the wall to see that from where the wall paper looks the best. Once done with the look, stick the same with help of glue. Next, attach branches and stick leaves on the branches. And finally it is done!
Aside from a tree, you can even make different shapes and characters that suit your personality. And if you are fond of painting, you can paint the wall decals to lend a personality and character to the room.