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Bulb gardens become very beautiful when they are properly arranged. But if you want a totally elegant bulb garden on your yard space, then you should learn about layering different variants. Layering bulbs is something you cannot easily do on other plants, and some even consider this a form of art.

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Layered bulbs take only two things, knowledge and patience. The layered effect is seen once the bulbs are in full bloom, without any extra maintenance needed on your end.

To start, you may want to follow these steps:

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1. Go for hardy bulbs. Hardy bulbs such as onion and garlic are the best choices for the layered look. Blooming hardy bulbs meanwhile include lilies, alliums, bluebells and hyacinths. You can set the bigger bulbs at the most bottom part of the pot, followed by the smaller variants on top.

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2. Rule of thumb. When planting bulbs, make sure to plant them in uniform depth. Set the biggest bulbs at 8 inches below the rim, the next variant at 6 inches, and so on. This way all the bulbs can grow harmoniously without affecting each other’s development in the same pot.

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3. Give them a chill. Potted bulbs need to chill during the winter in order to bloom beautifully during the spring. Hence, during winter, keep the bulbs in the garage so that they can chill just enough not to freeze. Get them out in the garden the following spring so that they can defrost and start to bloom. Once the blooming season is over, the foliage dies; remove it and replant the bulbs come fall.

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