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Orange is the shade associated with fast healing and well being. It is extensively used for spiritual healing. At the same time, it is a warm shade that brings with it all the benefits like red and yellow has to offer. Let’s delve into facts:

Add passion


Bright shades of orange symbolize pleasure, passion and desire to have conducive for the bedroom.

Orange also perks up the mood and brings in the stable relationships. Allow this color to enter your home and it improves the mood. Coat your walls with orange shade using neutral shades to balance the dominant color scheme.

Orange inspires healthy living


Science has gained a lot of momentum and it has ability to improve appetite. However, in addition, orange shades improve digestions and improve the energy levels. It is therefore good idea use the shade in your kids room or the dining area.Add orange in your diet.

Add energy quotient in the room


Research has showed that orange stimulates the oxygen supply to the brain.