11 Apr 2014

Pillow Trends for 2014

Sometimes even the smallest details in the bedroom can change the overall theme of a room. In this particular case, we are referring to trendy pillows to create a strong design effect in the room. Whether they
7 Apr 2014

Furniture Trends 2014

Furniture is one of crucial things in the house that gains lot of attention from the guests.  It is the main talking point for the guests, so it is important to select furniture that reflects your personality,
23 Mar 2014

How to add green color to your room contd

Adding green color to study room- Green has calming effect on our nerves and mind. Studies suggest that lighter shades of green improve our concentration. You can create an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness with shades of
22 Mar 2014

How to add green color to your room

The color green in home décor brings in limitless possibilities. The infinite variation of the hue blends with almost every color. It is one of the hottest color trends for past couple of years. Here are some
13 Mar 2014

How to decorate home for Holi

Holi the festival of colors brings liveliness and vivaciousness to our lives.  This holi make your home appropriate and welcome the festival with eagerness. Here are some suggestions and ideas on how to decorate home for Holi:
11 Mar 2014

How to make your living room lively

For many people living room is considered as the heart of the home because it attracts maximum foot traffic. It is where people sit, relax and hang out and be together as a family. With so much
9 Mar 2014

Coffee table with integrated chairs- a smart choice

If you are searching for smart coffee table design to integrate in your modern minimalist bedroom, then here we present an idea for the same. Here the rectangular table is made from lacquered wood which is there
8 Mar 2014

Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Sometimes, it is too difficult to put yourself in the kid’s shoes and come up with a design that is perfect for little ones, plus that will score high in terms of intrigue and creativity.  Here we
6 Mar 2014

Tips on how to refinish bathroom tiles

 When bathroom tiles starts to look dirty, then it is the right to revamp its look. While replacement seems to be simple option, but it is an expensive and tedious process! So, a quick and cheaper way
3 Mar 2014

Rules for Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration and designing are two terms that are related to each, but they are not the same. For example, you beautify home for Christmas, but you don’t design. You will be able to decorate child bed