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The debate about lawns is a long-running one. Some people think they are a waste of space, a high maintenance area that delivers little by way of beauty or ecological advantage. Others, however, see plenty of merits and take great pride in making a nice lawn the centre of their family garden. There are merits to both arguments and solid cases can be made either way. In many ways, it depends on where you are in life, what your priorities are and how keen you are on gardening. If you are looking for reasons why a nice piece of lawn is a good idea, keep reading, we are here to tell you why it works.
lawn design idea Interior Design Blogs

Low maintenance

Because lawns need to be mowed there is a perception that they are high maintenance. This really could not be further from the truth. Sure, a lawn does require some mowing, it also needs to be fertilised once in a while and there can be a need to weed on occasion as well. But compared to the type of maintenance that the rest of the garden needs it really is small time. Make sure that the lawn that you have is fit for purpose. Look to engage with a professional lawn company to get your grass laid. A Google search for something like, ‘turf supplies Sydney prices’ is a good place to start. Negotiate a deal that may even factor in some maintenance and you are on your way.

Fun and games

As awesome as flower beds and rockeries are to look at, they are not so cool when it comes to fun and games – or just creating memories. Nobody wants to play backyard cricket in a flower bed or have a picnic perched in the rockery. These are the types of activities that happen on the lawn. If you have young children or dogs – or if you see them as potentials on your horizon; then a lovely open lawn should be very much part of your thinking.

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The grass is very hardy, and it has the ability to survive, and even to thrive, in fairly adverse conditions. Unlike many plants and shrubs which tend to struggle in heat or wind, grass just keeps on doing its thing. It might not be as spectacular to look at as a lavish garden, but it certainly looks a whole lot better than a low maintained garden. People who devote a considerable amount of space to lawn tend to have nice low water bills.


Lawn clippings are a great way to make compost. So, every time you mow your lawn, keep the clippings and add them to the compost pile. After a few months, you will have a lovely compost that can be put back into the garden to help it flourish. It is like a gift that keeps on giving – with an ample supply of compost available from a sustainable source you will quickly find that any trees and shrubs that you have planted start to thrive. It is a real win.