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Modern rustic bedrooms are starting to become popular these days especially among homeowners who wish to feel a cozy country vibe to their otherwise urban dwellings. A modern rustic appeal is actually fun to live in, as you can feel both the luxe and homely appeal to the room.

Modern Rustic Bedroom (1)

It’s actually easy to create this theme on any bedroom, regardless if the floor area is big or small. It’s all about picking the right color scheme, using the best furniture and selecting the accents that match.

To create a modern rustic bedroom theme, here are the basics to follow:

Color scheme

Modern Rustic Bedroom (1)

Before anything else, you have to start with the color scheme. Go for shades that are light and easy to the eyes. You can settle with light earth tones and pastels, such as white, beige and grayish blue. You can use the deepest color for the walls, and the lighter tones on the accents and window treatments.


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The key to a modern rustic vibe in the bedroom is the patterns. You can play with stripes and other patterns on the beddings, pillow covers and the headboard. This is to add more style to the bedroom without affecting its overall look. Stripes actually work best because they stretch the space of the bedroom. Prints and patterns meanwhile steal the attention from the color scheme to the decors of the room.

Color-coordinated pillows

Modern Rustic Bedroom (1)

When adding the pillows, it is important that you use cases that come in transcending shades of the colors used in the whole room. If you used blue in the room, then go for its lighter variants on the pillows. You can also use a bright shade on a few accent pillows to break the monotony of the room.

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Art gallery on the headboard

If you want to style up the room, then make use of the wall in which the headboard is located. Above the headboard add a few paintings and portraits, or small photo frames of your loved ones. The hanging decors give more life to the room as they make use of the empty wall space.

Drawer chests

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Rather than bulky nightstands, use drawer chests with elegant designs to sit by the sides of the bed. These add a rustic but elegant touch to the room. It is also advised to use drawer chests with light colors, and not those in dark wood shades. The lighter colored chests complement the color scheme applied on the room better than the darker ones.

Floral curtains

Modern rustic bedrooms call for freshness and light, so you may as well add floral curtains on the windows. The curtains can be long enough to touch the ceiling and the floor, and they are used primarily for decoration. If you want to have a better control of the entering the windows, install blinds, while the curtains remain on the sides.

Neutral floor covers

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Lastly, you have to create a warm homely vibe on the floors in order to complete the modern rustic bedroom. You can go for wide stretch oatmeal linen rugs as they are breathable yet warm on the feet. You can also go for other organic linen carpets as long as they come in light shades to complete the look.