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Deciding on the bed room colors for your teenage could be a bit fiddly at times. The reason to this can be their own choices related to color, interior décor and the look of their room which can be at times heavy on your pocket as some kids turn cranky and have strong feelings how their room should look. Hence, the parents have to remain bit vigilant and discuss with their kids on the same.

Since the kids have their own likes and dislikes here are few guidelines which can help you comprehend your kids better.

  • As the adult room is painted in soft or cool paint colors in contrast teenagers like to have warm colors which are brighter, warmer, rich hues. Colors like red, blue, yellow are the lively colors which can be used for them. One can use tips of combining bright colors with neutral colors.
  • Bright Yellow: Bright or sunny yellow is another excellent choice for the teenagers. This gives a feeling of warmness and fresh. Off white, camel, dark chocolate and mahogany can be combined with this color.
  • Mint Green and Lime Green: This is one of the best color combination which looks vivacious and dynamic combination. This color combination makes the room feel larger and spacious. Mint green can also be combined with dark cherry or dark brown to make an exceptional and brilliant choice for the boys.
  • Teal Blue: This color is best for teenage boy’s room who do not prefer girly colors like pink, each or lavender which can be combined with chocolate or dark brown for a contrasting look.
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teenage bedroom colors Interior Design Blogs

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Teen Bedroom Interior Design Blogs

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