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Candleholders are heat proof containers that are considered as an important decorative accessory. Starting from ancient days, these candle holders were used to decorate rooms. In market, you can find a wide array of candle holders. It comes in various shapes, size, material, etc. with attractive and appealing candle holders, you can make your home more appealing. In this post, we provide you several tips to select candles, while some are used for just home décor.


Tips on how to select candleholders

Think where you want to keep it– today, candle holders have become an integral part of home décor, so it is important to think where you want to keep it. Based on that, you can select stylish, classic and contemporary candle holders. Interior Designers further recommend that candle holder should complement with wall décor, furniture and other accessories.


Select holders depending upon the candles that you have– next tip is to select candle holders depending upon kind of candle you have. This is because there are many different kind of candles starting from tall to short and thick to thin, contemporary to modern.


Material of candle holders– candle holders come in different materials like glass, wood, metal and even crystal pieces. With a wide range of attractive material available in the market, candle holder makes your home livelier.


Pattern and Designs– once that you have zeroed down materials, you must be careful about patterns and designs while selecting the candle holders for your living room. Various new and trendy designs are available in the market to make the candle holders appealing.

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Colors– Nowadays, candle holders come in various colors as well. It is important that it should complement with overall home décor and color of the accessories.


Choose candle holder depending upon size of the candles-Size of the candle plays an essential role for living room. While selecting the candle holder you must consider the size of the living room.


Budget– select candleholder depending upon your pocket and your space! But do remember that an expensive candleholder doesn’t mean the best candleholder. Above said tips are some of the important tips to consider before selecting candle holders for living room.


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