One of the biggest challenges faced by the homeowner is how to make a small room look bigger. Some opt to overhaul or redefine the room and some go for interior designer. But in most cases you can solve this problem on your own. Here are some tips on how to make small room look bigger

The first principle is to disdain clutter. Overemphasis on accessories leads to clutter. Hence, minimize the accessories like flower vase, potted plants or stereo equimpments. Place most of them on shelves or on other furniture units like tables or shelves.

Furniture should not block the pathway.

Opt for a foldable dining table or of small size. Smaller tables can be removed at your own convenience. Thus, it reduces clutter of the room.

Use a large mirror that reflects light.

Opt for bright colors instead of neutral colors. Patterned wallpaper can overwhelm the room. One color theme for two connecting rooms looks well. This theme eliminate the dividing line between the two connecting room.

Opt for sheer curtains; it will make the room look bigger. Bright room look bigger hence try to add as much light as possible.

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A food for thought- these tips can make a room look bigger and attractive.