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The winters have approached. The cold waves are rustling through our doors and windows, thus making us yearn for a warm nook where we can sit and relax without feeling cold.  Here’s how you can create a cozy nook in few minutes.

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Find a classic chair that give you comfort

The nook or the corner should be the place where you can relax and open your arms and welcome the world.  For this, you need a classic chair or a comfortable seat to twist your legs or straighten your back. Further, remember a spot for your feet too where you can extend your legs after a long day of work.

Right lighting is essential

Right lighting is essential while setting up the warm nook. Rather than adding a tube light; you can swap it for table light or floor light that can enliven the space and give you relaxing moments. A light with the right settings will make your daytime and evening time smart.

Add a table

A cozy nook is incomplete without a table where you can stack books for reading and writing without bending too much.  The table should be convenient to hold some drinks and snacks too.

Throw blanket

It is a must have if you wish to create a comfortable corner. Pick up something delicate and cushioned that can warm up your body during the winter months.

You can also add unique wall arts to personalize the corner

When we walk into the room, what instantly catch our attention are the walls. You might not realize it but the wall art can transform the space and add personality to it.  To do accomplish this, you can consider opting for full-blown painting job or you can add interest in the space by adding art. Art has the power of making us feel powerful.  You can add abstract paintings to create brilliance.

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In case you want something eye catching and appealing and want to create in-depth feel, neutral art work with minimal design.

Verdant home décor

Pepper up your space with plants. It will invite natural elements to your home.

Style it

You can move things around and style the space to bring a change. To create a cosy corner, you can add décor elements like throws, cushions, rugs, tinkling bells, windchimes that tickle your ears and soothe the environment.

Add nostalgic accessories

the warm corner can’t be created without cherished memories.   So, on accessorize the table with collectables or souvenirs that you have accumulated during travel or simply display the photo frames that could revive the old memories.

Select natural materials to create the corner

The winter nook requires you to go for organic and natural materials that emit warmth like wood, wool, leather, etc. You can incorporate it in wooden flooring, ceiling and accents.

Follow less is more

While creating your corner, follow the principal of less is more. Go for fuss-free aesthetics and restrict adding a lot of furniture items  and arrange them properly to ease thoroughfare.  Incorporate the pieces as per the functionality and style. This way you can make the most of the less restricted space.

Creating a warm corner will do wonders for your mental health. After a long hectic day at work, you can shun off your inhibitions and lay down in peace in this specifically curated nook.

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