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Carpets not only add beautiful design and texture to a room, but they also add required warmth in a home to offer comfort in general. Today, we easily lie down on our carpets to enjoy leisurely time like watching TV, playing board games and to do homework. With all this contact, carpet cleaning becomes top priority for healthy and clean home. However, sometimes the carpets are overlooked from the cleaning routine and it is believed that vaccum is sufficient for it. However, most of the vaccum cleaners help to get rid of naked dust visible to our eyes, but there are a lot of germs and dirt lie beneath the carpet too. Here are some facts that you need to understand about carpet cleaning.


What majority of us don’t know is that the carpets rank fifth in dirtiest places in the home. Other objects or places in the list comprises that we won’t even dream of lying, like clothes, sponges, rubbish trash cans and toilets. Thus, carpet cleaning is the only solution. It should be as vigorous as possible and as regular as toilet cleaning routine and it should include carpet steam cleaning as well as regular vacuum is also required.

The second rule, is pick up the dropped food within five seconds, as it will be free from germs, but unfortunately it is not truth. So, it is also called as microbial adhesion that happens instantly. To make matters worse, the bacteria is able to survive for more than four weeks in the carpet, thus enhancing the risk of contamination- another reason why one require regular carpet cleaning. Certain bacteria can stick to our consumable diet like Campylobacter, Salmonella enteritis, etc. These are crawling toddlers and one can easily digest such kind of germs, which in turn result into several medical complications like diarrhoea and vomiting. The professional carpet cleaning becomes important if you have children at your home.

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The bed bugs not only exist in the beds, but they live on carpets too. Bed bugs spread themselves like bacteria and often go unnoticed till the victim suffers their bites. These spread their tentacles quickly and can often travel over 100 feet when they are small and require blood of a host. So, even if you cleanse the bed bugs, without proper carpet cleaning service, you won’t be able to eliminate bed bugs. Additionally, each person shed around 1.5 million cells on daily basis, hence attracting dust mites and adding to dirt and germs in your carpet. In order to ensure proper cleaning service, it is important that you invest money in top-notch cleaning products like specialised cleaning fluid and high end carpet cleaning equipment.
In a nutshell, carpet cleaning is necessary in order to make your home free from dust and mites.

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